Journal Archives: View from the Overlook

Enjoy a collection of journals from over the years about Cleveland Heights’ history. Articles have been written by local scholars as well as members of the Cleveland Heights Historical Society.

1997 – Summer:

No. 1

The Inaugural Issue:

Introducing the CHHS, by Charles Owen

Superior School Day, by Charles Owen

Rockefellers’ Forest Hill Legacy, by Anna Marie Meissner

John Severance’s Longwood, by Kara Hamley O’Donnell

2002 – Spring:

No. 2

Euclid Golf Neighborhood to be Listed on the National Register, by Deanna Bremer and Hugh Fisher
2004 – Spring:

No. 3

Architect Who Fled Nazis Created a Masterpiece in Cleveland Heights (Eric Mendelsohn and Park Synagogue), by Ken Goldberg
2004 – Summer:

No. 4

Mr. Brown’s Neighborhood  (Mayfield Heights Allotment), by Charles Owen
2004 – Fall:

No. 5

Sears Catalog Homes; The Cleveland Heights Connection, by Chris Roy
2005 – Spring:

No. 6

When Bad Ideas Happen to Good Suburbs; Massive Heights Redevelopment Proposed in 1969, by Charles Owen
2005 – Summer:

No. 7

A Brief History of Forest Hill (J. D. Rockefeller), by Chris Hubbert
2005 – Fall:

No. 8

Whatever became of Park School, by Robert Gaebler
2006 – Winter:

No. 9

National Art Treasures in Cleveland Heights (WPA’s Federal Art Project), by Mazie Adams
2006 – Spring:

No. 10

Firemen’s Clubhouses – Inspired Public Structures, by Sven H. Dubie

The Kelvin Home: A New and Better Way of Living, by Christopher J Hubbert

2006 – Summer:

No. 11

Before the JCC – A Pictorial Tour of “Glen Allen,” by Chris Roy
2007 – Winter:

No. 12

Local People and Local Memories: The Cleveland Heights History Project, by Sven Dubie and Kara Hamley O’Donnell
2007 – Spring:

No. 13

Drive by History: The Painter Estate, by Mazie Adams
2007 – Summer:

No. 14

Obscene History in the Heights; The Case for Jacobellis and Les Amants, by Sven H. Dubie
2007 – Fall:

No. 15

Cleveland Heights’ Liberty Row, by Ken Goldberg and Chris Roy
2008 – Winter:

No. 16

Discovering the 19th century in Northern Cleveland Heights, by Mazie Adams
2008 – Summer:

No. 17

The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cleveland Heights; The St. Ann Audit, by Sven H. Dubie
2008 – Summer:

No. 18

The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cleveland Heights; Responses to the St. Ann Audit, by Sven H. Dubie
2008 – Fall:

No. 19

Remnants of “Old Cleveland Heights,” by Ken Goldberg
2009 – Winter:

No. 20

Cumberland Park and bathhouse; Eight Decades of Keeping Us Cool, by Kara Hamley O’Donnell

Remembering Cumberland  by Gary Stromberg     

2009 – Spring:

No. 21

Discovering Change; Cleveland Heights Congregations,  by Marian Morton
2009 – Summer:

No. 22A

Household Names from the Heights, contributions from Sarah Wean, John Stark Bellamy, and Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
2009 – Fall:

No. 22B

Introducing Cleveland Heights’ Latest Historic Neighborhood  (Inglewood), by Diana Wellman
2010 – Spring:

No. 23

Grandeur from the Earliest Days of Cleveland Heights (Rice mansion)
2010 – Summer:

No. 24

Heights Houses Go Modern, by Ken Goldberg
2010 – Fall:

No. 25

Heights Schools Begin Their Second Century, by Eric  Silverman
2011 – Winter:

No. 26

The Rich History of Lot 11 (Lower Shaker Lakes and North Union Shakers), by Korbi Roberts
2011 – Spring:

No. 27

Walker and Weeks; An Architectural Power in Cleveland Heights
2011 – Summer:

No. 28

The Alcazar Hotel; Cleveland Heights’ First (and Only) “Palace Hotel,” by Ann E. Donkin
2011 – Fall:

No. 29

Cedar-Lee Musings and Memories, by Andrew W. Grossman
2012 – Winter:

No. 30

Living Large in Cleveland Heights; The Rise, Life and Fall of the Briggs Estate, by Chris Roy
2012 – Summer:

No. 31

First and Second-hand Looks at Longwood (Severance Estate), by Mazie Adams
2012 – Fall:

No. 32

The Other Forest Hill; Grant Deming’s Garden Suburb Allotment, by J. Mark Souther
2013 – Spring:

No. 33

Raising Cain Park, by Kara Hamley O’Donnell
2013 – Summer:

No. 34

Viktor Schreckengost; How Cleveland Heights’ “Frightening Guest” Became a Legend, by Eileen Beal, MA                                       
2013 – Fall:

No. 35

Cleveland Heights; Land of Surf and Sun? (developer Howard A. Stahl), by Korbi Roberts
2014 – Spring:

No. 36

CH–UH Libraries? Coventry Wrote the Book, by Sheryl Banks
2014 – Summer:

No. 37

Riding the Witches to Heathen Ridge (electrified streetcars), by William C. Barrow
2015 – Spring:

No. 38

Philip Johnson – On and Off the Overlook, by Laura Peskin
2015 – Summer:

No. 39

From Overlook Down Murray Hill, by Ken Goldberg
2017 – Spring:

No. 40

Local History at Heights Libraries, by Amia Wheatley
2017 – Summer:

No. 41

An Abundance of Exterior Color Ideas for Homes – from 1927, by Ken Goldberg
2017 – Fall:

No. 42

Cleveland Heights “Emerald Necklace”; Parks, Property and Politics, by Marian Morton
2018 – Spring:

No. 43

Some History of the Former East Cleveland Masonic Temple – Now the Living Truth Center (also includes Cleveland Heights Masonic Temple), by Korbi Roberts
2018 – Fall:

No. 44

Salesman & Sacred Spaces; Developers and Congregations in Cleveland Heights, 1901-1951, by Marian Morton
2019 – Summer:

No. 45

The Pentys, The Heckers, and “the Royals,”  by Marian Morton
2020 – Fall:

No. 46

Curtis-Preyer Stone House; Leaving No Stone Unturned, by John Wheeler

Curtis-Preyer Stone House: The Time Traveler Through the Years of Dugway Settlement, Old Fairmount Village, and now Cleveland Heights, by Korbi Roberts

2021 – Summer:

No. 47

The First Bicknell Home in Cleveland Heights, by Wm. Hopkins

Bicknell Mansion, by Angelina M. Bair and Thomas G. Matowitz, Jr.

The Bicknell Family, Compiled by Korbi Roberts

The Story of the T-Locking Shingles in Cleveland Heights, by Steve Holowicki

2022 – Summer:

No. 48

Ambler Park to Ambler Heights, and the Cleveland and Newburgh Quarry Railroad, compiled by Korbi Roberts
2023 – Winter:

No. 49

The Electric Transit Era in Cleveland Heights, by Steve Kish
2023 – Fall:

No. 50

Potter Estates and the Neighboring Severance Mansions, compiled by Korbi Roberts