Journal Archives: View from the Overlook

Enjoy a collection of journals from over the years about Cleveland Heights’ history. Articles have been written by local scholars as well as members of the Cleveland Heights Historical Society.

1997 – Summer:

No. 1

The Inaugural Issue:

Introducing the CHHS, by Charles Owen

Superior School Day, by Charles Owen

Rockefellers’ Forest Hill Legacy, by Anna Marie Meissner

John Severance’s Longwood, by Kara Hamley O’Donnell

2002 – Spring:

No. 2

Euclid Golf Neighborhood to be Listed on the National Register, by Deanna Bremer and Hugh Fisher
2004 – Spring:

No. 3

Architect Who Fled Nazis Created a Masterpiece in Cleveland Heights (Eric Mendelsohn and Park Synagogue), by Ken Goldberg
2004 – Summer:

No. 4

Mr. Brown’s Neighborhood  (Mayfield Heights Allotment), by Charles Owen
2004 – Fall:

No. 5

Sears Catalog Homes; The Cleveland Heights Connection, by Chris Roy
2005 – Spring:

No. 6

When Bad Ideas Happen to Good Suburbs; Massive Heights Redevelopment Proposed in 1969, by Charles Owen
2005 – Summer:

No. 7

A Brief History of Forest Hill (J. D. Rockefeller), by Chris Hubbert
2005 – Fall:

No. 8

Whatever became of Park School, by Robert Gaebler
2006 – Winter:

No. 9

National Art Treasures in Cleveland Heights (WPA’s Federal Art Project), by Mazie Adams
2006 – Spring:

No. 10

Firemen’s Clubhouses – Inspired Public Structures, by Sven H. Dubie

The Kelvin Home: A New and Better Way of Living, by Christopher J Hubbert

2006 – Summer:

No. 11

Before the JCC – A Pictorial Tour of “Glen Allen,” by Chris Roy
2007 – Winter:

No. 12

Local People and Local Memories: The Cleveland Heights History Project, by Sven Dubie and Kara Hamley O’Donnell
2007 – Spring:

No. 13

Drive by History: The Painter Estate, by Mazie Adams
2007 – Summer:

No. 14

Obscene History in the Heights; The Case for Jacobellis and Les Amants, by Sven H. Dubie
2007 – Fall:

No. 15

Cleveland Heights’ Liberty Row, by Ken Goldberg and Chris Roy
2008 – Winter:

No. 16

Discovering the 19th century in Northern Cleveland Heights, by Mazie Adams
2008 – Summer:

No. 17

The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cleveland Heights; The St. Ann Audit, by Sven H. Dubie
2008 – Summer:

No. 18

The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cleveland Heights; Responses to the St. Ann Audit, by Sven H. Dubie
2008 – Fall:

No. 19

Remnants of “Old Cleveland Heights,” by Ken Goldberg
2009 – Winter:

No. 20

Cumberland Park and bathhouse; Eight Decades of Keeping Us Cool, by Kara Hamley O’Donnell

Remembering Cumberland  by Gary Stromberg     

2009 – Spring:

No. 21

Discovering Change; Cleveland Heights Congregations,  by Marian Morton
2009 – Summer:

No. 22A

Household Names from the Heights, contributions from Sarah Wean, John Stark Bellamy, and Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
2009 – Fall:

No. 22B

Introducing Cleveland Heights’ Latest Historic Neighborhood  (Inglewood), by Diana Wellman
2010 – Spring:

No. 23

Grandeur from the Earliest Days of Cleveland Heights (Rice mansion)
2010 – Summer:

No. 24

Heights Houses Go Modern, by Ken Goldberg
2010 – Fall:

No. 25

Heights Schools Begin Their Second Century, by Eric  Silverman
2011 – Winter:

No. 26

The Rich History of Lot 11 (Lower Shaker Lakes and North Union Shakers), by Korbi Roberts
2011 – Spring:

No. 27

Walker and Weeks; An Architectural Power in Cleveland Heights
2011 – Summer:

No. 28

The Alcazar Hotel; Cleveland Heights’ First (and Only) “Palace Hotel,” by Ann E. Donkin
2011 – Fall:

No. 29

Cedar-Lee Musings and Memories, by Andrew W. Grossman
2012 – Winter:

No. 30

Living Large in Cleveland Heights; The Rise, Life and Fall of the Briggs Estate, by Chris Roy
2012 – Summer:

No. 31

First and Second-hand Looks at Longwood (Severance Estate), by Mazie Adams
2012 – Fall:

No. 32

The Other Forest Hill; Grant Deming’s Garden Suburb Allotment, by J. Mark Souther
2013 – Spring:

No. 33

Raising Cain Park, by Kara Hamley O’Donnell
2013 – Summer:

No. 34

Viktor Schreckengost; How Cleveland Heights’ “Frightening Guest” Became a Legend, by Eileen Beal, MA                                       
2013 – Fall:

No. 35

Cleveland Heights; Land of Surf and Sun? (developer Howard A. Stahl), by Korbi Roberts
2014 – Spring:

No. 36

CH–UH Libraries? Coventry Wrote the Book, by Sheryl Banks
2014 – Summer:

No. 37

Riding the Witches to Heathen Ridge (electrified streetcars), by William C. Barrow
2015 – Spring:

No. 38

Philip Johnson – On and Off the Overlook, by Laura Peskin
2015 – Summer:

No. 39

From Overlook Down Murray Hill, by Ken Goldberg
2017 – Spring:

No. 40

Local History at Heights Libraries, by Amia Wheatley
2017 – Summer:

No. 41

An Abundance of Exterior Color Ideas for Homes – from 1927, by Ken Goldberg
2017 – Fall:

No. 42

Cleveland Heights “Emerald Necklace”; Parks, Property and Politics, by Marian Morton
2018 – Spring:

No. 43

Some History of the Former East Cleveland Masonic Temple – Now the Living Truth Center (also includes Cleveland Heights Masonic Temple), by Korbi Roberts
2018 – Fall:

No. 44

Salesman & Sacred Spaces; Developers and Congregations in Cleveland Heights, 1901-1951, by Marian Morton
2019 – Summer:

No. 45

The Pentys, The Heckers, and “the Royals,”  by Marian Morton
2020 – Fall:

No. 46

Curtis-Preyer Stone House; Leaving No Stone Unturned, by John Wheeler

Curtis-Preyer Stone House: The Time Traveler Through the Years of Dugway Settlement, Old Fairmount Village, and now Cleveland Heights, by Korbi Roberts


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