Welcome to Coventry Neighbors, Inc.

Coventry Neighbors, Inc. (CNI) was a civic betterment organization that was instrumental in shaping the Coventry Village community that we know today. When CNI was formed in 1969, it was to address concerns that many residents had with the apartment building stock of the neighborhood. Rents were rising, however the maintenance and upkeep of some buildings were declining. CNI soon realized that true community revitalization required a knowledgeable and involved citizenry. CNI provided an outlet where concerned residents could band together and intelligently work for a better Coventry neighborhood and in turn, a greater Cleveland Heights.

Coventry Neighbors was dedicated to the principle that community betterment is a non-partisan goal that requires teamwork and cooperation among the principal “players” of civic life. Neighbors, property owners, tenants, the business community, and City Hall were encouraged to work together intelligently. During the organization’s “heyday,” CNI representatives regularly attended City Council and other decision-making bodies such as the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals and took stands on important issues of the day.

Coventry Neighbors is probably known for the long-running monthly publication, the “Coventry Village News” and the original Coventry Village Street Fair. As with most anything in life there are beginnings and endings and the CNI days ended. When Coventry Neighbors was “put to bed,” their archives were donated to the Cleveland Heights Historical Society so that a pivotal point in Cleveland Heights would not be forgotten. Cleveland Heights is fortunate to have this treasure trove of history preserved.